Well-founded, integrated and practical solutions

CINOP creates solutions for complex issues in education and the labour market. We improve learning processes and ensure that people have every opportunity to work on their personal development. Working together is in our DNA. It is the engine of our enthusiasm to make projects succeed together.

How can we help you?

We work with and for organizations in education, government and business. We specialize in making education more flexible, in professionalizing teachers and teams, and learning in labour market & education. Furthermore, we have years of experience in vision development, advice, project management, training & coaching, instrument development, data analysis and research. Our solutions are well-founded, applicable, and integral. Solutions with impact.

We can support you with:

  • vision and policy processes
  • program management and project management
  • promotion of expertise through training and courses
  • team development and coaching
  • policy and practical research, monitoring and evaluation, data analysis
  • curriculum and instrument development

Active worldwide

CINOP Global believes that every individual has unique talents and has the absolute right to proper education. It is our mission to contribute to lifelong learning and to enable people to develop their practical and technical skills and help strengthening Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) worldwide.
We seek to apply the best methods, instruments, knowledge, and practices available to countries in transition, as well as to developing countries.

European programs

CINOP is committed to the optimal participation of everyone in society, today and tomorrow. We also do this by carrying out program management, partly in cooperation with others, of various European programs and projects. For example, by promoting international mobility and European learning opportunities for students, adults and professionals. We connect national and European policies to relevant stakeholders and players in the field. Our work is on the cutting edge of policy – practice and education – labor market. In the Netherlands, CINOP implements the following European programs and instruments:

  • NLQF: The Dutch Qualifications Framework NLQF provides clarity and certainty about the level of educational qualifications.
  • EQAVET: National Coordination Centre for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training
  • Euroguidance: National Career Knowledge Centre EU for career policy and development
  • EPALE: National Support Service for European adult education
  • ECVET: National Coordination Centre for European recognition of learning outcomes achieved elsewhere
  • EUROPASS: National Europass Consortium to promote the European portfolio for uniform representation of training.
  • Refernet: Disseminates knowledge of vocational education from and to Europe

CINOP Global

CINOP Global focuses on a strong connection between education and the labor market. Together with schools, governments and partners, we work on capacity building, curriculum development and examinations, among other things. Our projects worldwide range from support in capacity building at the Schools of Hygiene in Ghana, to implementing female Colleges of Excellence in Saudi Arabia, to support in Quality Management in the initial training of nurses and midwifery in Benin. To get the finest results out of every project, we work in close collaboration with the best local universities (of Applied Sciences), VET institutions, training providers, consultancy agencies, research institutes and knowledge centers. CINOP is engaged in the development of innovative approaches and turn-key solutions, but is also an established expert in complex educational issues such as:

  • strengthening employability and connections to the field to synchronize education with the needs of local labor markets
  • matching individual learning needs and ensuring access for disadvantaged groups
  • professionalization of formal and informal institutions of higher and vocational education, the private sector and other learning providers, through the improvement of various segments of learning pathways such as; national qualification and certification standards, curriculum design and methodological and pedagogical methods.
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Thanks to the collaboration with CINOP, we now have a first prototype that allows us to follow the student’s journey.

Marcel Meesters, lecturer and researcher at Fontys Hogeschool ICT

Passion for learning

The value of CINOP is in our people: driven and knowledgeable, socially involved. But above all: with a passion for learning. Our approach is unique. We are strong in research, analysis and policy development, but it doesn’t stop there. We also love to approach: to roll up our sleeves and ensure that something changes.