What is EPALE?

EPALE is an online platform for and by professionals working in adult education. The platform enables teachers, trainers, policymakers and researchers to contact each other, share knowledge and acquire ideas. The electronic platform for adult education in Europe (EPALE) is an initiative of the European Commission and is part of the Erasmus+ grant programme. The EPALE website contains the latest news from the world of adult learning. You will find good examples from practice, recent policy developments, learning materials, research reports, blogs and much more. With a handy partner search function, professionals can quickly find potential project partners or like-minded people.

Many professionals indicate that they have difficulty keeping up to date with the latest developments because the information is provided in a fragmented way. EPALE tries to provide an overview by being as complete as possible and by dividing the large amount of high-quality content into five themes: support for students, learning environments, social skills, policy, and quality.


Registered users can actively participate in the community by posting content themselves and contributing to discussions. See here how you can register and use all the possibilities EPALE has to offer.




In the Netherlands, EPALE works closely with a group of ambassadors. These are professionals working in the broad field of adult education. Together with them we try to provide the Dutch pages with interesting and valuable content. Who the ambassadors are and why they think EPALE is a good initiative can be seen here in a number of videos.


EPALE Netherlands

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