Strengthening the Chittagong Port Authority Training Institute (CPATI) in Bangladesh

Learning and steering for better project results

CINOP global Bangladesh
CINOP global Bangladesh

23 September 2019

Chittagong Port is the economic engine of Bangladesh

Economic growth has increased in Bangladesh in recent years and the port of Chittagong, located on the banks of the Karnaphuli River, played an important role in this growth. The port currently handles about 90% of Bangladesh’s export-import trade and this percentage is still growing. The Chittagong Port Authority Training Institute (CPATI) is a unique training institute in Bangladesh and plays an important role in facilitating the growth of the port. In order to cope with economic growth rates, CPATI needs to expand its facilities and train more port employees than ever before. The project that started two years ago aims to strengthen CPATI so that it can take on this training role.

CINOP made a great impact to CPATI which in turn has made a successful impact for Chittagong Port Authority. All the course coordinators got the opportunity to follow extensive training programmes both in Bangladesh as abroad.

Mohammad Azizul Moula, project coordinator CPATI

Strengthening CPATI as a modern training institute

Since 2017, CINOP has been contributing to strengthening CPATI as a modern training institute in port management, port activities and related topics. An institute with sufficient institutional and organizational capacity and improved policies on gender and equal opportunities. CPATI will provide relevant courses and curricula for the labor market, thereby strengthening human capital that will enable the port to ensure and stimulate economic growth in the country.

CINOP global Bangladesh

Evaluation for steering toward better project outcomes

In June 2019, the project was halfway through. CINOP therefore conducted a thorough evaluation to gather new knowledge and best practices that will support the project team to steer the project for the coming year. In this final project phase, attention needs to be paid to keeping all project components in focus. For example, ten new courses have been developed since the start of the project, now it is time to fully finalize the course content. In addition, Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) and the project partners are working together on a strategic plan for CPATI, which needs to be refined and approved. Some courses are offered to students online (in a moodle environment), but for e-learning to work well, students need the right computer skills. These are just a few examples of the findings of the June evaluation, an evaluation that is so essential because it forms the basis of the final project year. In the coming period, all project partners will devote their time and energy to achieving the project goals.

Benefits of the project are becoming visible and include an e-learning facility, a proper HR for CPATI, proper corporation and marketing policies, initiatives of Computer Lab setup with modern facilities and collaboration with APEC (port training centre of Antwerp) to offer an international standard training program with high quality training materials

Mohammad Azizul Moula, project coordinator CPATI

Cooperating for change

In the coming period, all cooperating partners will put in their time and energy in reaching the project goals. CINOP supports Port Authority’s mission in cooperation with the Antwerp Port Training Center (APEC), IHE-Delft, and Services and Solutions International Limited (SSIL) from Bangladesh..

This project is part of the NICHE programme of Nuffic, funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is a fantastic journey for CPATI to gradually move forward to achieve excellence in becoming an international standard training institute. We are extremely happy to be a part of the project and to cooperate with CINOP and other partners regarding the implementation of the project.

Mohammad Azizul Moula, project coordinator CPATI

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