Embedding good governance systems in higher education institutions in Mali

Cinop global mali
Cinop global mali

16 April 2019

Improving efficiency and effectiveness of education policies and financing by making student enrolment visible through the online system ‘Campus Mali’.

In 2014, the higher education and research sector in Mali faced several challenges affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of higher educational institutions. One of the most noticeable challenges was the lack of reliable information about the number of students that were enrolled in these institutes. The numbers that were available to the Malian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research entailed many ghost students. This situation caused financial losses and made policy planning impossible.

The government and educational institutions need to be able to rely on a system that produces accurate, clear and tangible results of student enrolment numbers. Clarity on these numbers enables the government and the institutes to exercise better grip on financial funding and to plan, develop and implement well substantiated policies.

In order to ensure the system would be reliable again,  CINOP implemented the ‘Campus Mali’ project. At this moment, the implementation of the project is in its final stage with all current students enrolled through the Campus Mali system.

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CINOP joined hands with the African University Association, the Claude Bernard Lyon University, Cocktail Office SARL and YES Inc. Mali to achieve these goals and formalize a new administrative system throughout Malian higher education institutes. This new system is called ‘Campus Mali’ and obligates current and future students to enrol in their studies in an online manner. This management information system has been tailored to fit the Malian context and adequately addressed the encountered challenges. People not only needed to be actively convinced to enrol online, they also needed access to the internet. Next to this, the overall preference in Mali of using mobile phones for internet connection ensured that this medium needed to become a possibility of Campus Mali usage.

The flexibility of CINOP is the key word to describe our cooperation in this project, that was structured with the PADES project of the World Bank. CINOP worked actively to improve coordination and synergy between the two projects which truly benefited Malian higher education

Bakary Cissé, project coordinator in Mali

At this moment, the implementation of the project is in its final stage with all current students enrolled through the Campus Mali system. In the beginning of the project it was thought there were 150.000 students enrolled in higher education, we now know 85.000 students is a more accurate number. This drastic decrease in true student numbers assured the government a financial saving of 7,5 million euros. The Malian Ministry of Finance has congratulated the Campus Mali project on its implementation and outcomes.

CINOP designed and implemented the required information management system which meets the requirements of each institution. We modernized the governance of the entire sector, particularly through the production of reliable data and indicators for better management

Bakary Cissé, project coordinator in Mali

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