Sustainable solutions in the maritime and port sector in Bangladesh

22 January 2022

Continent: Asia

Duration: 2020-2021

Donor: the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Orange Knowledge Programme managed by Nuffic

Partner: STC Group Holding (consortium lead partner), Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Maritime University, Chittagong Port Authority, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

16 July 2020

Introduction to the project

As Bangladesh’s only maritime university, the BMSR Maritime University has the task to train and guide the future work force in the maritime sector. This is a great task, especially since the Government of Bangladesh has appointed the so-called ‘Blue Economy’ as the initiative to promote inclusive development in Bangladesh. The maritime pillar of this strategy is expected to promote smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and employment opportunities in the country. The university therefore needs to live up to these goals and deliver competent young employees that can develop the sector up to its potential. CINOP works together with the BSMR Maritime University in a Nuffic-coordinated project within the Orange Knowledge Programme, funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (other partners: STC International, IHE-Delft, Chittagong Port Authority).


The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 clearly mentions the existing lack of well-skilled and trained manpower in the Maritime and Port sector which hampers overall economic growth. The BSMR Maritime University is relatively young (since 2010), but is already an established quality university. In this project, we cooperate to strengthen the capacity of the university as to become a true Centre of Excellence. Focus is placed on the organisational capacity (ranging from individual competences of teachers to the organisational capabilities of innovation and growth), on developing new Bachelor and Master programmes, on establishing strong partnerships with the private and public sector (Public-Private-Partnerships), and on creating a network of knowledge-sharing among Bangladeshi and international organisations in the maritime sector.

Our approach

This holistic approach does not only focus on strengthening processes and curricula within the university, it especially focusses on the relation of the BSMR Maritime University with other maritime sector organisations in and outside of Bangladesh. Cooperation in seminars, in joint- or practice-based research is of great importance for sector development. Through cooperation –especially between various sorts of organisations- we aim for innovation.

Finding sector innovation through cross section cooperation
Finding sector innovation through cross section cooperation



  • Establish a multi-stakeholder research agenda
  • Develop and implement labour market relevant Bachelor and Master curricula
  • Train teaching staff in didactical CBET methodology
  • Improved research capacity through PhDs and applied research projects
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Develop and implement short courses in close collaboration with the private sector
  • Design and implement multi-stakeholder seminars for the maritime sector
  • Establish structural cooperation between the BSMR Maritime University and public organisations
  • Establish structural cooperation between the BSMR Maritime University and private sector organisations in Bangladesh and in the Netherlands.


Through training, teaching staff of the BSMR Maritime University is becoming increasingly skilled. The productive cooperation between all project partners ensures continuous design of activities. The project is running until December 2021.

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