Support the total quality management of the initial training in Nurses and Midwifery


22 January 2022

Continent: Africa

Duration: 2014-2017

Donor: National Institut Medico-Sanitaire

Partner: Cordaid & UNIL/IUFRS (University of Lausanne / University Institut for training and research in health)

29 July 2017

The National Institut Medico-Sanitaire is training nurses and midwifes and wants to improve its management, teaching methods, as well as the curricula of the University Centre. In order to reach this it needs to establish a system of total quality management in INMES and its accreditation system, with particular attention to gender. Another challenge is to bring the actual curricula at BSc level to the level of MSc and to increase and improve the human resources.


The major challenge is to improve the quality of the organisation and educational system, more favourable to employment, as professionals in nurses and midwifery.

Our solution

Capacity strengthening for the development of a quality assurance system and submit to the national accreditation system. By training and recruiting man and woman to improve their competencies in line with CAMES standards, by developing the curricula for the MSc level and the management capacity of INMeS. In general we seek to strengthening the capacity to renew/adapt, to engage/commit, to implement, to relate and maintain coherence (5 capacity model).

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