Strengthening production systems to optimize agricultural production and improving food security.

Benin vlag
Benin vlag

17 July 2014 - 13 July 2017

Continent: Africa

Duration: 2014-2017

Donor: The University of Parakou

Partner: ICRA (International Centre of Agronomic Research) and SUPAGRO (France Montpellier)

29 July 2017


The University of Parakou, especially the Faculty of agronomy and the Faculty  des Letters, Arts and Social Sciences  are faced with the need to improve agricultural production systems and to assure food security in the light of changing climate conditions in the north of Benin. Despite its explicit mission to contribute to development, the University of Parakou is not able to fully play its role as a trainer and provider of expertise, training and services for agricultural stakeholders facing these challenges. The University, characterized by insufficient capacity of academic staff, lack of equipment, inadequate training provision and services in relation to the growing market demand and the problems mentioned above. The rapid increase in the number of students in recent years, coupled with a very low rate of recruitment of faculty, and the low percentage of students enrolled in professional programs. These difficulties are also related to insufficient implication with stakeholders and a weak consideration of the genre in the university system, which is nevertheless a crucial axis in the field of food security and climate change.

Our solution

Strengthening of the institutional capacity of the University of Parakou (UP) in the management of new training offers, research and services in partnership with its stakeholders and also the sustainable Strengthening the academic ability of the UP and the quality of the provision of training, research and services. The program works on improving the quality assurance system, to train man and woman to improve their competencies in line with CAMES standards, by developing the curricula, taking into account food security and climate change. In general we seek to strengthening the capacity to renew/adapt, to engage/commit, to implement, to relate and maintain coherence (5 capacity model).

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