Development of training programmes “Bilingual Foreign Trade Assistant”

21 January 2022

Continent: South America

Duration: 2017

Donor: AliaRSE

Partner: STC

29 July 2018

Implementation of competency-based methodologies for the development of market-driven occupational training programmes and the elaboration of the training programme: “Bilingual Foreign Trade Assistant”.

The regular training portfolio of AliaRSE focuses on improving the English language skills of graduates of vocational institutes as well as employees of the industrial sector in Barranquilla.
The Chamber of Commerce in Barranquilla, expressed their interest in the portfolio and expertise of AliaRSE in offering bilingual training. The development of a new training course “Bilingual Foreign Trade Assistant” (Técnico laboral por competencias en auxiliar de comercio exterior bilingüe) was indicated as one of the priority areas for the Transport, Logistics and Ports sector, in need for qualified youngsters in foreign trade. Staff of AliaRSE need to be trained in the methodologies needed to develop and implement this course as pilot for the development of other related courses in the same field.

Staff need also to be trained further in their role as technical trainers in the field of Foreign Trade and Transport, Logistics and Ports.By doing this, AliaRSE will be able to offer this training program to the population located within its area of influence, which is mainly characterized by people belonging to socioeconomic strata 1 and 2 (vulnerable low income communities). This population is in vulnerable condition and have constraints to improve their quality of life for lack of resources that enable them to access to training programs with quality, relevance and linkage to the labor market.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, AliaRSE will offer this training program at a cost 25% below its real price in order to facilitate enrolment, especially of young women, single mothers, victims of the conflict, people displaced by violence, and others. The implementation of this program will improve the quality of life of the participants through employment in Jobs with better opportunities.


Type of services provided:

  • Design of labour market analysis (occupational profiles, including competency profile) and market-driven competency-based curricula which fulfil the 7 national quality criteria for accreditation
  • Design of a competency-based curricula for the Foreign Trade Assistant programme based on the National Qualification N° 110101009 (which corresponds to Handling of Import and Export) including its standards for professional competence.
  • Development of teaching materials and syllabi / teacher-student manuals in the field of Bilingual Foreign Trade

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