Capacity Building Project in Ethiopian Transport and Logistics

22 January 2022

Continent: Africa

Duration: 2017-2021

Donor: EthioLog

Partner: Delft University of Technology | Panteia | TKI Dinalog

29 July 2018

Capacity Building Project for EthioLog

At the end of the project, the requesting organisation will be the centre of excellence and capacity building for the freight transport and logistics sector in the country that:

  • develops and implements interdisciplinary gender-sensitive education and training in freight transport and logistics that deliver logistics and freight transport professionals and practitioners with competences and skills demanded by the labour market;
  • carries out and delivers state of the art research geared towards preventing and solving problems and identifying new trends in the sector

Expected results

  • EthioLog is established as the Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Freight Transport in Ethiopia
  • Institutional and organisational capacity improved through a well-functioning Secretariat and adequate Organisational Policies, Structures and Resources
  • EthioLog has improved the balance and equal opportunities for females and males in all teaching, research and management positions
  • A labour market relevant new MSc curriculum has been developed and implemented
  • Short-term training has been developed and implemented
  • EthioLog staff qualifications have been improved (degrees and modern teaching methods)

Technical assistance areas

  • Establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Logistics and Freight Transport
  • Establishment of a Stakeholder Advisory Group
  • Introduction and implementation of the concept of Living Lab
  • Development of a staff capacity plan
  • Development of a Management Development Plan and an executive management and monitoring and evaluation system
  • Development of a gender activity plan
  • Design and implementation of a labour market analysis
  • Design of occupational standards
  • Course design and implementation in Transport and Logistics
  • Staff training in modern teaching methods and relevant for freight transport and logistics
  • Procurement of equipment (hard and software)
  • Creation of national and international partnerships
  • Design and implementation of private sector projects and/or PPPs
  • Design and implementation of entrepreneurship projects and EthioLog centre business incubator
  • Development/revision of research agenda, including national and international linkages for research collaborations
  • Improvement of research and consultancy skills incl. revenue generation

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