Capacity Building of the Schools of Hygiene Accra, Ho & Tamale

22 January 2022

Continent: Africa

Duration: 2013-2017

Donor: SoH Accra | SoH Tamale | SoH Ho

Partner: Maastricht University / SHE Collaborates, the Netherlands

29 July 2017


One of the major developmental challenges currently facing Ghana is effective delivery of environmental sanitation services. To enhance this effective delivery a substantial increase of environmental sector staff is needed in Ghana. Currently, there is a gap of about 66% between what is needed and what is available in terms of human resources.

The Schools of Hygiene ( SoH Accra, SoH Tamale and SoH Ho) are the main institutions providing training to sector staff and to provide human resources for the sector. These schools will be strengthened by this project in terms of organisation and curricula. Especially, more attention will be given to Health Promotion and Health Education focussing on how to promote healthy behaviour.

Our solution:

CINOP will strengthen the governance and management system of the SoHs, to maintain the quality improvement brought by the project. As a result the three Schools of Hygiene will have enough expertise and have gained additional knowledge and skills to sustain the quality improvement brought by the project.
Through capacity building, teaching staff will be trained in Ghana and abroad in the area of Health Promotion and Health Education. After being trained, teaching staff will be able to implement Health Promotion in the curricula. As a result, students will be able to set up a health (WASH) intervention, using evidence-based theories. This will lead to more success in changing human behaviour related to WASH.

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