Capacity Building in Blended Learning and Specialised Subjects

Policewoman with motorbike

22 January 2022

Continent: Asia

Duration: 2014-2018


Partner: Maastricht University (MUNDO) | Institut Teknologi Bandung

29 July 2017

Indonesia faces huge challenges to organise the training of its police force. The number of police agents is relatively low. There is huge pressure from society and the government to increase the capacity of the police force. The quality and quantity of trainings therefore have to be improved.

Training of police officers needs to be done in a relatively short time and close to the place where the officers are based. In addition, the education has to be provided with a limited training budget. This implies that clear choices have to be made concerning what to teach and how these trainings will be delivered.

Competence Based Learning (CBL) is a generic approach that can be effectively implemented in all kinds of professional training. In this project, CBL will be applied to the aim of Lemdikpol to realize a re-training program for INP police officers, to be offered by way of a blended learning system, using e-learning and/or m-learning (mobile learning).

Our solution:

The project will assist LEMDIKPOL to:

  • Develop a competence profile for police officers
  • Develop police related training modules in a blended learning environment;
  • Improve gender equality on organisational level and mainstream gender throughout new and existing curricula;
  • Build capacity of LEMDIKPOL in international project management
  • Develop a quality assurance strategy for police training
  • Develop a Master training plan based on a training needs analysis

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