BAC-Integrated Capacity Development for Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development

22 January 2022

Continent: Africa

Duration: 2015-2018

Donor: Baraka Agricultural College

Partner: Aeres Group | Dairy Training Centre | SNV Kenya

29 July 2017

In this project, CINOP encourages Baraka Agricultural College (BAC) to develop new or revised competence based curricula and to become a (financially) sustainable training centre.

Detailed description of project

The new curriculum for a certificate in beekeeping and the revised curriculum for a certificate in sustainable agriculture should be business oriented which implies that the labour market and other stakeholders are involved in setting standards for new and revised curricula. Those curricula should also enhance competence based teaching and learning methodologies, as well as assessment. Special attention will be paid to ‘social inclusion’ which relates to involving students with a handicap or minorities into the education to ensure they can make a living as well.
The financial sustainability will be reached by preparing a business plan for income generation and to procure equipment which can contribute to both the education and income generation.
Finally, capacity building for staff will include technical training, management skills and pedagogical skills.

Type of services provided

  • Curriculum development in beekeeping and sustainable agriculture
  • Supervise preparations for the accreditation process
  • Capacity building of staff in teaching methodologies, hands on skills on the farm
  • Develop income generation strategy based on a business plan
  • Mainstream Gender equality and social inclusion in policies, strategies, plans and teaching practice
  • Conduct labour market analysis
  • Improve quality assurance system
  • Develop a strategy for engaging stakeholders

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