Quality and innovation

CINOP advises and guides vocational education in professionalisation. Together with schools, we ensure that the quality and innovation of education go hand in hand.

Promoting a learning culture

Vocational education has the challenging task of preparing students, in cooperation within the region, for work and a good place in society. This requires an integrated view of organisational, quality and innovation issues. To ensure contemporary and attractive education, it’s important to promote the learning culture.

Integral approach

Our approach is integral. We realize sustainable quality improvement for schools, on multiple levels and themes. How? By using our many years of substantive expertise. We ensure that quality is embedded in team and organisational processes. And we take care of research and monitoring of results, so the impact of the improvements really becomes visible.

Professional learning community

The quality of education is directly related to the quality of the school as an organisation in which professionals collaborate and share, reflect and research and continuously improve the quality. In a professional learning community, teachers are given and take the space to develop their talents and thus improve the education of learners. This requires continuous joint professionalisation.

Expertise on various current themes

Based on our years of experience with long-term advice and guidance at schools, we have expertise on various current themes:

  • 21st-century skills of students and teachers
  • career competences of students
  • pedagogical-didactical craftsmanship of teachers
  • collaboration and learning within teams
  • flexible education and curriculum development
  • testing knowledge and examination
  • an investigative attitude of teachers
  • educational leadership of managers
  • collaboration and learning within teams
  • promoting a quality culture in school.
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National Coordination Point for quality assurance in secondary vocational education.