Inclusion, guidance and access to education

CINOP believes that everyone has the right to access and complete education and should have a successful transition to the labour market to do the work that suits both the needs and passion of the individual and the labour market. By working on these topics we have an impact on:

  • Promoting equity and equality from start to finish,
  • reducing drop-out rates and increasing access for vulnerable groups,
  • growing a new generation of professionals who are able to follow their passion,
  • and improving labour market supply and demand.

We contribute to this in various ways:

  • For over 75 years, we have devoted ourselves to facilitating learning without limits through research and advise from our Expert centre on inclusive education (ECIO) who help institutions and their staff members to become more inclusive through the latest insights. ECIO, expert centre on inclusive education, supports universities, colleges and VET institutes in order to help make education accessible to students with disabilities and special needs, and to contribute to the well-being of students who experience obstacles due to, for example, learning disabilities, physical or sensory impairments, mental vulnerability or chronic illness.
  • Through research and participation from our Euroguidance centre in the international Euroguidance network on lifelong learning and career guidance and management
  • By being part of the UNESCO-UNEVOC network, that supports UNESCO‚Äôs Member States in their efforts to strengthen and upgrade their TVET system.

We do this with the help of various tools such as our Inclusive education Toolbox (for institutions and staff), the Policy Scan (for policy makers who want to work on inclusion), the FlexScan (for flexible education based on universal design principles), the Career Compass, and our Expertise Framework for professionals in guidance.

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