Employment creation

CINOP believes that education has two main goals;

  1. To prepare, and up- or reskill people for relevant professions
  2. And to grow responsible citizens for a fast-changing society

In our experience, alignment between the education offered by TVET institutes and the labour market is not always optimal. Student’s transition from education to the labour market, with all the accumulated attitudes, knowledge and skills, can therefore be hindered.

Therefore, the quality of an educational institute’s program, is dependent on its relevancy to the labour market.

To prepare people for the jobs they want to fulfil, CINOP supports education and training institutes to close the gap between education and the labour market. We do this by strengthening their capacity, or by co-creating the development of:

  • Incubation programs
  • Internship programs
  • Employability skills programs
  • Industry attachments
  • Job readiness training programs
  • Entrepreneurship programs.

Furthermore, we support and develop the private sector to facilitate these programs in their day-to-day businesses. This way, students and trainees are practising their skills in the environment where they are needed. All this contributes to the central goal of employment creation.

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