Curriculum design and learning

CINOP believes that education has two main goals;

  1. To prepare, and up- or reskill people for relevant professions
  2. And to grow responsible citizens for a fast-changing society

In order to fullfill these tasks, education and training needs to be relevant for the labour market and society, by reflecting national and regional priorities and expectations. These priorities and expectations are changing rapidly, which requires focus on lifelong learning and flexible systems.

CINOP assists education & training institutes and teachers to increase their capacity. Capacity building occurs through aligning education and training systems to the fast-changing labour market and societal needs. Our methods include research, local skills, needs analyses, advice, (teacher)training and investments in equipment and infrastructure, and design and redesign of curricula, including;

  • Defining Occupational Standards based on the NQF’s
  • Defining learning goals and outcomes
  • Applying modern teaching methods (both school- and work-based)
  • Development interactive learning materials
  • Development of examinations and assessments

We do this through co-creation, bringing together school management, policymakers, (local) labour market stakeholders, teachers, and students.

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