Education, government and businesses

The roots of CINOP lie in vocational education, in the combination of work and learning. We are now a strategic partner of all organisations that are faced with the challenge of letting people learn, throughout their lives. For years we have been directly involved in the major challenges on the labour market.

Thanks to this many years of experience and our ability to connect, we are able to realise learning with impact. We provide integrality, applicable solutions, with concrete results. And that is exactly what society and our partners demand of us, now and in the future.
We work for and with organisations in education, government and business.



  • Educational institutions from secondary education, secondary vocational education, higher professional education and university to university.
  • Organisations involved in (vocational) education such as the MBO Council, the NRO, BVMBO, the Education Council, the Examinations Committee and HPBO.
  • Organisations involved in adult education such as the Reading & Writing Foundation, the Adult Education Centre and
  • International educational institutions and sector organisations.
  • From the Handicap+ Studie Expertise Centre, we support colleges of higher education and universities in making education accessible to students with disabilities. We focus on student deans, study advisers, study career counsellors, lecturers, members of the examination committee and members of the Executive Board.



  • Ministries and municipalities.
  • Internationally, we contribute to vocational education studies for CEDEFOP, OECD and the European Commission.



  • companies with complex education and labour market issues.
  • chain partners such as SBB, UWV, Leerwerkloketten and the SWbedrijven.
  • sector organisations and employers’ and employees’ organisations such as the FNV sectoral organisations and training funds.