Two workshops to enhance gender equality in Ghana

Impression of the workshops
Impression of the workshops

09 March 2021

On the 23 and 24th of February, CINOP organized a ‘gender sensitization’ and a ‘gender strategic planning’ workshop for the TVET National Bodies in Ghana (project OKP-GHA- 103827). Since NABPTEX has merged with COTVET in the new commission for TVET, there are now two bodies responsible for TVET in Ghana.

Globally, there have been many initiatives to increase the participation of girls and women in both TVET and the labour market. By enabling girls and women to acquire the skills necessary to access the labour market, TVET truly has the potential to contribute to equity and to enhance women’s labour market participation. However, equal participation varies greatly by field of study and it appeared that this is also the case for the Ghanaian context.  Therefore, two workshops were organized to further aid the Ghanaian TVET bodies to formulate a concrete plan to stimulate more girls to participate in the Agricultural TVET and through that in the labour market.

During these two workshop days, the participants adhered to a full schedule. 23 participants of the national bodies joined the workshops, in which the following topics were discussed:

  • Acquiring more knowledge about the concept of gender
  • The impact of gender on TVET
  • Develop an action plan to address gender equality
Ghana impression of the workshops

The workshops and their potential impact

The workshop started with the concept of gender and how this concept is embedded in the universal rights that are upheld in Ghana. During the first day, the participants commented that Agro-TVET is still not very accessible and attractive for girls because of cultural framing (agricultural occupations are often reserved for males). Female staff members shared personal stories in which they explained that they could not choose the profession they liked, and were instead pushed towards more occupations that are traditionally fulfilled by women. Furthermore, Agro-TVET is often not female friendly. In the classic Ghanaian perception, Agro-TVET is still about small holder farms and farming, physical labour, dirty clothes and hard living conditions. This perception is therefore highly reflected by teaching material.

In the projects NICHE 270 and OKP 3458, CINOP is contributing to a shift from small holder farming to more Agri-Business and entrepreneurship. By changing the curricula to include Agri-Business and by starting profitable incubators at the colleges and farm institutes, ideally, the agricultural economy will be boosted in combination with an enhanced Ghanaian food security (due to an increased food production). But equally important; the change in curricula could facilitate a change in TVET perception, and make it more equal for both genders to participate.

This objective was addressed in the second day of the workshops, in which participants were tasked to develop objectives and activities to change the gender perception of Agro-TVET, and to thus make Agro-TVET more attractive for girls. All participants further acknowledged that the National Bodies play a crucial role in this change, due to the impact of their policies on colleges.

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