The new “Passerelle” program is launched in Benin!

The Passerelle project
The Passerelle project

16 December 2019

CINOP will contribute to develop an innovative curriculum that should help to build a bridge to get approximately 3,000 old nurses and midwives updated to the current national requirements. For them this means that they can continue to practice their profession.

In the 60’s two schools were set up in Benin. One was for nurses and one for midwives, these schools later merged into the National Medical-Social Institute (INMES). Despite the efforts of INMES, since the 60’s no structural training process has been set up that can meet the current national level requirements. For this reason INMES with the help of CINOP has started working on retraining formerly qualified nurses and midwives so that they may again meet the requirements .

Approximately 3,000 nurses and midwives were trained at college level, while the current students have to complete a bachelor’s degree. The project aims to build a bridge “la passerelle” to upgrade these former students to meet the temporary criteria through extra courses. As part of a Nuffic OKP program, this project is being carried out in collaboration with INMES, CINOP and KIT. CINOP will take on the task of innovating the curriculum so that the bridge can be built.

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