Participation of CINOP / NICHE project at e-learning Africa conference in Kigali

Cinop e-learning Africa
Cinop e-learning Africa

13 August 2018

The 13th International e-learning Africa Conference, organised by ICWE GmbH, hosted by the Government of Rwanda and held in Kigali from 26 – 28 september.

This unique yearly event, e-learning Africa, is a network of experts, professionals and investors, committed to the future of education in Africa. Almost 1200 participants joined the conference, with more than 200 speakers of 85 countries represented.

Main issues on the conference were: Uniting Africa: learning together – growing together; Knowledge and the fourth industrial revolution; Transforming africa. Digital technology is bringing Africans closer together than ever before, creating an opportunity for education to transform the continent. How can digital technology and education help to break down barriers to competitiveness? How can African leaders encourage ICT-centric growth, innovation and job creation?

CINOP was represented because of the implementation of the project NICHE/GHA/261, titled : “Strengthening the examination capacity of the Nurses and Midwives Council of Ghana” The project got the opportunity to present the first results at the conference in the subworkshop ”e-assessment”. The main question was: How do we overcome the Challenge of organizing Paper-based Licensing Examinations throughout the year for:

  • 22 Nursing and Midwifery programmes;
  • Over 18,000 Students;
  • 88 Nursing & Midwifery Training Schools in Ghana.

After almost 2 years of analyzing, developing the architecture, the procedures, the acquisition of hardware (servers, tablets, etc..), stakeholder engagement, training of the teachers and students the first online examination was organized  between 5 – 7 September for three (3) Registered Mental Nursing schools and about 374 students of which 296 students passed (79%).

Most important benefits are the reduction of cost (organizing paper based exams) and most of all time. Normally it takes about 70 days to deliver the results but this time it took only 10 days.

Next challenges are the exams in December for the specialized programs and the Registered Community Nursing 2019.

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