Learning with head and body in Benin

06 August 2019

In Benin, CINOP is working with Le Grand Cru and Rutgers (the sexuality knowledge centre) on a new curriculum for teacher training. Special element: embodied cognition (learning with head and body). Make prejudice & sexual violence discussable with dance, among others.

Benin has been struggling with a growing number of teenage pregnancies for years. The morale of young people has been weakened by social media, among other things. This has led the government to take action. In primary and secondary education, sex education is interwoven with the existing curriculum by the Beninese themselves: a good example of integrated education!

The curriculum will be implemented in nine teacher training courses. A pilot with students will start before the summer. The lessons cover a broad sexual field: they deal with gender and sexual equality, the setting of boundaries and the prevention of sexually transgressive behaviour.

The Benin partner of CINOP global is Rachelle Agbossou, artistic director of the Walo dance company. She was looking for choreographers who could tell new stories with respect for traditional Benin dance. Human rights are central to her committed performances.

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