Four agricultural colleges will soon include mechanical education in their curricula

28 January 2021

Through the NICHE-270 project, CINOP Global supports multiple Ghanaian agricultural colleges in capacity-building. This support focuses on increasing the TVET-skills, knowledge and resources of teachers and management. In concrete terms this means that CINOP and partners create ownership, guide curriculum development and thus contribute to the accreditation process of the courses.

This project entails an investment component as well. As part of this investment component, the 4 colleges each now have a tractor including farming equipment. This addition of mechanical education to the course offerings is a big step forward. Further expanding this institute, ensuring financial sustainability through income-generating capabilities and encouraging effective knowledge sharing are the next challenges to create lasting impact.

CINOP and partners have also been featured in the national Ghanaian news. See the video below for the coverage. The person cutting the ribbon in the video is the HR Director of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOFA) – Lawoety Tettey – with whom CINOP works extensively.

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