CINOP provides inspiration session during an international Hackathon

18 November 2021

CINOP was asked to give an inspiration speech for the universities of Basrah, Duhok (both Iraq) and JUST (Jordan) and mbo Oostland from Lentiz. This speech was part of an international hackathon that aimed to strengthen the connection between education, the labour market and the government. During the initiative, Jordanian, Iraqi and Dutch students participated and thought about the best possible connection between these entities. In total, 42 students participated.

Using design thinking, a starting point was made from the student’s wishes and needs. During the inspiration session, they were helped further with this issue by:

  • listening,
  • supporting the conversation visually,
  • and inspiring with examples of a good connection to the labour market

We ourselves were enriched with interesting stories from the student and their perspectives of what they require to get closer to their future employer. The students and organization of the hackathon were enthusiastic, and we may help organize more hackathons like this. See the image below for a quick visual representation of the outcomes of the session.

Foto eveline