Advisory report on learning outcomes for the educational transition route presented to the Dutch Parliament

04 June 2020

Just offered to the Dutch Parliament! With the coming of the new Civic Integration Act that will come into effect on 1 July 2021, CINOP-ECBO, as secretariat, has drawn up the advisory report on the learning outcomes for the educational transition route, so that people who are integrating can be more successful in Dutch education!

Why transition routes?

To reduce the knowledge gaps of integrating students, Dutch (higher)vocational institutes and universities offer so called ‘transition or bridging programmes’. In these programmes refugees and migrants take classes specifically aimed at improving their knowledge on essential subjects. Such as the necessary language skills, study and learning competencies needed for dealing with the Dutch educational and societal system, as well as general subjects such as math. This will increase their chances of succesfully entering and completing their education.

Essential learning outcomes

We have been working on formulating learning outcomes for

  • Basic skills, such as math, Dutch, and English,
  • 21st Century skills, such as socio-cultural-, digital-, communication-, and cooperation skills
  • And study/learning competencies, such as study techniques, -styles, and –methods.