A core weapon in the battle against food insecurity in Mali

11 May 2020

To support Mopti and the Pays-Dogon plateau in their fight against growing food shortages, a new program was launched in February 2020: DJAM. The program has a focus on agricultural production, strengthening training facilities and the local agricultural value chain. Curriculum development is an essential part of the approach. It is important that residents with real hands-on skills know how to deal with the specific local conditions to ensure sustainable change.

With DJAM we can battle insecurity, and create stability. It is a project that concerns us all, therefore we stand strong together day and night

Amadou Ouane, Ministry of Employment

In addition to curriculum development, in this project CINOP contributes in the area of entrepreneurship skills, quality assurance and the importance of gender within education. By doing so, we contribute to employability, connection of education and the labor market and we can stimulate innovation and promote inclusion. This ensures that the value and impact of education in Pays-Dogon can actually contribute to a sustainable solution to the food problem.

This family of partners for me is very important. It is a family that can best understand this project. Together with these different experiences we can achieve important things for those who are in the most precarious situations’

Ogabasse Saye, Ministry of Education

To achieve the project’s goals, CINOP does not work alone. In our approach the local partner is behind the wheel and we ensure a strong collaboration with all stakeholders involved. Together with Maastricht School of Management as lead partner in the project, Association Dogon Initiative, Université Delta-C Bamako, NGO Pays-Dogon, Lycée Professionnel Sangha, and Viewpoint Productions, we can bring the project to a successful conclusion.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Nuffic Orange Knowledge Program. Want to know more about how we play a role in combating food shortages through education? Contact one of our consultants!

Watch viewpoint’s video about the launch below.

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