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We’re all about developing skills, competencies, and ambition. Through high quality tailor-made interventions we enable our partners to enhance their contribution to the advancement of knowledge. We believe co-creation, a strong labour market connection, and personal ownership is imperative to ensure a lasting impact of our work on education worldwide.

Our actions are based on a vast body of Dutch cutting edge research, best-practices, and 40 years of experience in the field. We have obtained a tremendous library of know-how throughout Africa, Asia, Central-America, and Europe, and are dedicated to continuous learning to safeguard a lasting impact.

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CINOP is engaged in the development of innovative approaches and turn-key solutions, but is also an established expert in complex educational issues such as:

  • Strengthening employability and connections to the field to synchronize education with the needs of local labor markets
  • Tailoring to individual learning needs and ensuring access for disadvantaged groups
  • Professionalization of formal and informal institutions of higher and vocational education, the private sector and other learning providers, through the improvement of different segments of learning pathways such as; national qualification and certification standards, curriculum design and methodological and pedagogical methods.

Our expertise covers various areas and topics including 21st century learning development, entrepreneurship, career guidance and other topics such as inclusion of vulnerable groups, persons with disabilities and learning disabilities. For questions and more information, please view our cases, contact us or reach out to one of our experts.

Countries where CINOP is active:

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