Frequently asked questions

What kind of organisation is CINOP Global part of?

CINOP Global is part of the larger CINOP holding company that basically consists of the CINOP consultancy firm. With the implementation of programme management of various public programmes and projects, CINOP aims to contribute to a better quality of education and training, from system level to the individual learner or citizen.

What areas are you specialised in?

We are specialised in vocational education & training (VET), lifelong learning, adult education, career guidance and human resource development. CINOP developed expertise in the validation and recognition of qualifications obtained outside the traditional educational context, i.e., accreditation of prior learning (APL).

How can we work together with CINOP Global?

In many projects we work in close collaboration with international universities, training & consultancy agencies, universities of applied sciences, VET institutions and knowledge centres. If you would like more information, please contact one of our consultants or email us at

CINOP Global works in developing countries. What is the effect of your projects?

In quite a number of our projects, we work on strengthening vocational educational institutions to professionalise and adapt curricula in accordance to the needs and development of the (local or national) labour market. Our sponsors apply external evaluation and monitoring instruments that will indicate the progress of a project. If necessary, a project can be adapted with the new insights or requirements. Through a better education that is consistent with the labour market, students in developing countries can find a job more easily.