European programs

CINOP aims to contribute to better quality education and training, from system level to the individual learner or citizen. We do this partly through the implementation of programme management of various European programs and projects. The European programs are mainly aimed at Europe. With internationalisation, we link national and European policy to relevant stakeholders and players in the field.

We analyse what is relevant and important for the national context, we collect the knowledge so that it is accessible and indicated to Dutch secondary vocational education and adult education. We conduct a dialogue on this with the actors in network work meetings, bilaterally and via communication channels. This also makes us a guide to the various strategic policy agendas.

Guide for Dutch and European Instruments and Networks

This brochure provides a guide to a number of instruments and networks aimed at supporting lifelong learning and development. These instruments and networks facilitate the transparency and recognition of the knowledge, skills and competences needed to study and work anywhere in Europe. They contribute to sustainable employability and promote quality in the different education sectors. They also support efforts to shape international professional practice, enhance European mobility and assist educational institutions with regard to policy development.

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National Europass Consortium for promotion of the European portfolio for uniform presentation of training.

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National Support Service for Adult Education in Europe

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National Coordination Point for European recognition of learning outcomes achieved elsewhere

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National Coordination Point for quality assurance in secondary vocational education.

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Dutch Centre of expertise for career education and guidance

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The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is an initiative to (globally) assess training within European countries at its level.

Active worldwide

CINOP is also committed to promoting international mobility and European learning opportunities for students, adults and professionals in vocational education (Public Programs). Because of our knowledge and experience in the development and organisation of education, CINOP is also involved in knowledge transfer to countries where the education of young people and adults is still in the pipeline (CINOP Global).