Modern employment practices: working together to find the reward policies of tomorrow

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03 July 2019

We are well on the way to transforming CINOP into a new organisation: CINOP 3.0. Guided by our vision, we have chosen to choose an organizational form in which professionals can function optimally, namely in self-organizing teams. The basic idea is that a professional knows best how to do his or her job and how this can best be organised. The organisation facilitates the necessary systems and steers together with the professionals to achieve the common goals.

And now: capitalising on ambitions

We are now in a phase in which all the traffic lights are green and in which we all have to live up to the ambitions that we have expressed together. Performing together in a new way also means that we will think together about how we want to be rewarded in a new way, if necessary. After all, why should this important element remain fully in place when the rest of the organisation is transforming?

Netherlands No. 1 in learning – then so are we

As an organisation that wants to make the Netherlands number 1 in learning, we must of course also be a learning organisation ourselves. That is why we have chosen to tackle the search for a new remuneration policy in line with these ambitions in a very innovative and progressive way.

At CINOP we go a step further than at other organisations.

With Focus Orange, we are going to think together with all our colleagues about the implementation of one or more reward packages that meet our needs. Although this in itself is a very innovative process, we at CINOP are going a step further. In comparable projects, the leadership indicates the limits within which the employees may determine how their reward should be filled in; the room for flexibility. We do not allow these frameworks to leave the playing field completely open. We can consider anything: we can invest the organisation’s profits in social projects or in innovation. In training or other forms of personal development. In joint trips, bonuses or extra pension. In short: in principle, everything is completely open. This is fully in line with the basic philosophy that professionals are capable of self-organising and therefore also of organising their own reward policy.

Depending on our income

Of course, an open playing field does not mean that there are no rules at all. And these are mainly determined by the limited resources available at the moment. To put it simply: the rewards we choose together depend on the income we generate together. It is therefore not for nothing that, in addition to the “3.0 reward policy”, we are working more or less in parallel on increasing the margins and running a healthy business.

Purpose: both employees and the organization will improve

On 4 and 5 July we will have two days of dialogue with each other on this interesting but also exciting subject. The starting point is the study in which we have qualified sixteen reward elements. The survey was completed by more than 95% of the employees, so that’s a great starting point. Under the guidance of Focus Orange, we will further deepen the meaning of these results and examine how they relate to each other. It is important that people feel safe in this process; the ultimate goal of a reward is to inspire people; to motivate them to continue in the right way and to make the right choices. With the new remuneration policy, we aim to improve both the individual employees and the organisation as a whole. That we can work in a pleasant, healthy way towards our common goal: to make the Netherlands number 1 in learning.

In the next blog we will discuss in more detail what we did during the two days and what the most important results were.