Decades of experience in learning, training and development

With a history of more than 35 years, CINOP has been an expert in learning, training and development for decades. We are a leading strategic partner in learning with impact. Together with our partners in the field of education, government and business.

CINOP is a social organisation. We do not strive for profit maximisation, merely for sufficient revenues to guarantee continuity and innovation for our customers and partners.

Ambition and vision

Our ambition is to make the Netherlands the number 1 in learning. We are committed to the optimal participation of everyone in society, today and tomorrow.

Expertise centers

CINOP has two centers of expertise:

  • ECBO: develops, collects and disseminates knowledge about and for vocational education.
  • ECIO : develops and implements innovative and practical solutions for inclusive education: education in which as many students as possible can participate.

Active worldwide

CINOP is also committed to promoting international mobility and European learning opportunities. We do this for students, adults and vocational education professionals through the European Programs. Thanks to our broad knowledge and many years of experience in developing and organizing vocational education, we are also involved in knowledge transfer and quality improvement in countries all around the world (see CINOP global).


CINOP is ISO 9001:2015 certified by Certiked.


CINOP officially exists since 1997. But our history goes even further back. Our predecessors from the seventies (PCBB, COBO, CIBB and SVE) already strived for equal opportunities for everyone, by making education more accessible and by helping people to participate in the labour process and society. To achieve this goal, (practical) knowledge and models were developed for adult education and vocational education. Partly due to the rise of ROC’s in the 1990s, CINOP was created from a merger.