CINOP is an expert in learning, training, and development. We are a leading strategic partner in learning with impact with a strong focus on improving TVET worldwide. Contact us if you have a question about making education more flexible, in professionalizing teachers and teams, or learning in labor market & education.

CINOP provides inspiration session during an international Hackathon

Enabling Tanzania’s transition towards renewable energy by strengthening TVET for electricians

Sustainable vegetable and crop management training for Jordanian Agricultural Engineers

How students design inventions in medical equipment that improve Ethiopian health care

Enhancement of flexibility

Cinop flexibel onderwijs

From vision to implementation

Job market learning

Meer informatie over Arbeidsmarkt & Onderwijs en wat CINOP voor uw organisatie kan betekenen op het onderwerp Leven Lang Ontwikkelen (LLO)

Fostering a culture of learning


Cinop professionalisering

Integrated approach