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The CINOP organisation is an independent, (inter)national research, project management and consultancy enterprise that is specialised in lifelong learning, vocational education & training, adult education and employability.

Based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands, the holding organisation employs 150 professionals that are providing solutions to a wide range of clients in the ‘golden triangle’ government-education-labour market. National and internationally; in both the public and the private sector.


Wide range of clients
In the past 20 years CINOP has successfully carried out numerous projects and supported hundreds of organisations, such as:

  • Education: schools, educational institutions, VET centres, private training providers, platforms and umbrella organisations
  • Government: national and local governments, centres of expertise and research, international bodies, EU authorities, NGO’s
  • Labour market: branch- & industry associations, employers' & employee’s associations, training & development funds, private companies
Lifelong learning as a mission
CINOP believes in the continuous development of people. For us, learning does not stop after initial education. Every day people gather new knowledge and develop their skills; be it in a formal, non-formal or informal way. They do so in further education, at the workplace or as a citizen in the society. It is our mission to contribute to the concept of lifelong learning and work with a joint goal in mind: enabling people to use their talents and develop education.

Knowledge driven human capital

To fulfil that mission we offer a knowledge driven pool of resources. Our people have different academic backgrounds and specialities: from education specialists to research professionals, project managers, language experts and socio-economic advisors. Depending on type of project we decide which combination of skills will be most effective to put in place.

Consultancy practice
An important part of our business is realised by the CINOP Consultancy unit. For both governments, educational institutions, labour market parties and the private sector we provide consultancy solutions on themes like the quality of VET, adult education, basic skills, sustainable employability, labour market mobility, APL and career guidance. In particular, our consultants are specialised in complex, multidisciplinary and innovative projects. Also long term project management is a strength.


Centre for expertise in VET

As a part of the CINOP organisation, an experienced group of researchers is working for the Dutch Centre for Expertise in vocational education and training (ecbo). This centre has been set up to develop, disseminate and synthesise scholarly and practice-based information on VET – independently, systematically and to a high quality standard – for the benefit of the education sector and society.


Public programmes
CINOP is also responsible for the execution of specific policy programmes by the national government in the Netherlands. For example, we are managing the Knowledge Centre on Accreditation of prior learning (APL) for years already. Also we are coordinating the development and implementation of the Dutch Qualifications Framework (NLQF). And since 2012 we carry out the expertise centre handicap + study that supports colleges and universities to make education accessible to students with disabilities.

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Connected learning in Europe
On the initiative of the Dutch and European government, the CINOP Erasmus+ team independently carries out international programmes aimed at vocational education and training and adult education. It also represents The Netherlands in Europe on themes like lifelong guidance, quality assurance, social inclusion, cross-border mobility, new jobs, Europass en ECVET.


All over the world
Within CINOP, a dedicated team of globalspecialists is working for educational institutions, governmental authorities and NGOs worldwide. CINOP Global carries out projects concerning the improvement of TVET in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Rwanda, Colombia, Bhutan and Afghanistan. Here we seek to apply the best methods, instruments, knowledge and practices available in the EU.


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